A room of one's own

he is not going to apologize for saying hurtful things elaine. so you can just forget it.the only way is just not to have any expectations anymore.

— 1 week ago

they say that you can’t tell the strength of a relationship until a crisis arises. and from my fall, it has given me a very thin faith on him to help me. and thru the conversation just now, I realize that i have fears of asking him for help. he has no qualms about asking me though. but. if i really do need help, why is it i don’t feel good about asking him, what’s wrong. and when will it be when he will genuinely care and think me, or eventually my kid. he doesn’t pay any attention to the things i like , or thought to give them for my birthday , haven’t i talked about the dogeared brand infinity necklace i like on neimanmarcus, sometimes i wonder if he sees it, does he go, hey i wanna get it for her cus she likes it, but why do i have such feelings to want to make him happy by getting the stuff he talks about, (of course the affordable ones) , for him.i just want it to be balanced.

— 2 weeks ago
"Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do."
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